Now there is a revolutionary golf towel and putter head cover all in one!

PutterTuck !

This soft, 100% cotton velour towel and head cover provides protection for your
putter and guarantees you will always have your towel with you on the green.  It's
easy to pick up.  Don't bend over... simply slide your putter under the PutterTuck's
elastic band and into the putter pocket.

No hooks, snaps, fasteners or Velcro.  Just a simple pocket that safely protects
your putter from nicks, dents and scratches from other clubs. A putter towel... for
yourself or as a great golf gift!
"The BEST Putter Cover and Golf Towel
Combination Ever Invented!"
100% American Made
Available in Five Rich Colors
Do you forget to bring your towel to the green?

Does your golf towel fall off your bag?  

Do you hate bending over to pick up your putter cover?